Helping Hand Grant FAQ

Helping Hand Project – FAQ’s

  • Q: How do I know if my child qualifies for help from NAA-NWI?
    A: Your child/dependent must meet the basic criteria to apply:
    1. Must have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (Autism, PDD-NOS or Aspergers)
    2. Provide proof of residency in Lake or Porter County Indiana.

    There is no upper age limit for your child/dependent to receive funds from this program.

  • Q: How much money can I request?
    A: The maximum amount we can award per child/dependent is $500.
  • Q: How do I apply for assistance from the NAA-NWI for my child?
    A: First, review the basic criteria. If you meet these, complete a GRANT APPLICATION. You must attach a letter from your child’s physician/psychologist that confirms your child’s diagnosis. If your request exceeds $300, you must provide a copy of your most recent tax return. If you did not file a tax return, you must provide alternate proof of income.
  • Q: Are grant funds paid directly to families?
    A: At no time are funds transferred to families. All grants awarded are paid directly to the vendor or service provider to pay for tuition, supplements/medication, medical evaluation or testing, therapies, etc.
  • Q: I’ve sent my application in. How long until I know if my application has been approved?
    A: We accept applications from January 1 – May 31. We will review the Applications in June and Grants will be awarded in July. ONLY APPROVED GRANT RECIPIENTS WILL BE CONTACTED BY NAA-NWI. Only complete and legible applications will be considered by NAA-NWI.
  • Q: I have health insurance. Can I still apply for assistance?
    A: Yes.
  • Q: I’m not sure if this request falls within the grant guidelines. Should I still send in an application?
    A: If your request is for something other than biomedical treatments, supplements or therapies for your child/dependent with autism, it does not fall within the grant guidelines.
  • Q: We have so many medical bills, we’re having trouble paying the rent/electric /water/telephone bills. Can NAA-NWI help us?
    A: The guidelines of this grant do not allow payment for anything other than biomedical treatments, supplements or therapies for your child/dependent with autism.
  • Q: What is the maximum income a family can have to apply?
    A: There is no income limit for this application.
  • Q: How often can we apply for a grant?
    A: If you were not notified by July 31st that you have been awarded a grant, then we encourage you to apply again in the next calendar year beginning January 1st.
  • Q: If I have more than one child affected, can I apply for both?
    A: Yes, you can apply for both but you must submit a separate application for each child/dependent. There is no guarantee that one or both children will receive funding.