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Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Topic: Video from Autism One Chicago 2016
From the old GcMAF to the new Rerum as integrated in the complete Rerum Protocol: A Natural Immunotherapeutic Approach to Autism

ASD may not only derive from peri- and postnatal insult to the brain, but also from pre-natal stresses and lifestyle of the mother. Toxic loads and diet habits (e.g., teeth fillings, exposure to toxins, high carb, low fat) of the mother, C-section, too early weaning and the use of baby formulas instead of breast feeding, antibiotic abuse during and after birth, adjuvants in vaccines and high carb consumption may be just some of the determinants forcing this development. All the named aspects, amongst others, induce a low- to high-stress level to the developing brain, thus leading to a dysplasia of the brain as well as to dysbiosis of the gut together with immune dysfunction because of the strong integration of the brain-gut-brain axis. In addition to this, babies are naturally born with a Th2-shift in order not to be attacked by the immune system of the mother, thus facing the necessity to develop the Th1-first-line-of-defense assisted by the contact with microbial strains of the core microbiome of the mother (birth canal, mouth, breast milk). Combined therapies are needed to face the multifactorial etiology of the disease. In order to manage all this we developed The Rerum Protocol as a complete and natural immunotherapeutic approach to autism.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Topic: Video from Autism One Chicago 2016
Brain Inflammation and Microglia Activation: Cutting-edge of Autism Treatment

Whatever are the factors at the basis of autism spectrum disorder symptoms (heavy metal intoxication, reaction to vaccines, viral or bacterial infections, various types of medical treatments during pregnancy, and so on) they initiate a common cascade of events that lead to chronic microglia activation.

The report will describe our recent European experience spanning the past two years on new, non-strictly pharmacological, approaches, aimed at reducing brain inflammation associated with chronic microglia activation.

Glialia® (Ultramicronized Palmitoylethanolamine and Luteoline), and Serplus®(Alphalactoalbumine) are supplements recently registered in Europe, whereas UltraBravo® is an evolution of the Bravo® yogurt developed by Drs. Ruggiero and Pacini.

In this report, we shall present the encouraging results obtained with these approaches aimed at reducing brain inflammation in about 300 autistic patients.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Topic: Genetic Mutations

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